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 Miniature Zebu Cattle are an excellent choice for your homestead and family farm.   They are easy keepers and wonderful for small acreage farms.

We just love their personalities too!

Miniature Zebu

Miniature Zebu Cattle originated in India and are one of the oldest known cattle breeds in the world, dating back as far as 6000 B.C.


As a breed they are hardy, tolerate extreme heat, and have a high resistance to disease.  


Follow the IMZA link below for more information about this wonderful breed. 



Zebu for you?

Size does matter. Miniature Zebu Cattle are measured at their withers, behind the hump and not to exceed 42" at three years of age.


Mature cows should be 300 to 500 pounds; mature bulls from 400 to 600 pounds. 


Their smaller size makes them ideal for homestead and family farms. 


Our Program

Our goal is to raise only quality  registered miniature zebu cattle. 


Not only is size important but healthy cattle with correct conformation and willing friendly personalities.

All of our Miniature Zebu are DNA tested for chondrodysplasia, A2 milk protein and are parentage verified with UC Davis VGL.


We have Miniature Zebu available throughout the year.

Prices vary depending on pedigree, size, color, sex,  and show wins. 

All of our calves born at SCF are handled from the moment of birth and learn to lead, tie, stand for trimming and enjoy human interaction.  


Purchase FAQ

 If you are interested in purchasing a SCF Miniature Zebu please use our contact form.   We are happy to answer your questions.

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